A Tasting of the Wines in the August 2014 Club Shipment

July 24th, 2014

Sunset Hills Vineyard 2013 Rose of Cabernet Franc – Our second bottling of this hugely popular rose!  We wanted to hold off on this release until we were in the hot depths of summer, so that you just might allow this wine, with all its bright, opulent fruitiness, to refresh you as you lay on a blanket beneath the sun tucked away in the corner of an (alcohol permitting) park on a Tuesday afternoon when you and your loved one decide to play hooky from work.  Is that too much to ask of you?

As is becoming our “standard” with this wine, the Rose of Cabernet Franc is entirely saignee juice from our Shenandoah Springs Cabernet Franc, bled at about 15% after 12 hours on the skins.  Fermentation, slow and chilly, was halted a day or two early, retaining a dash of RS which helps round out the back and end and really puts a nice delightful finishing touch on your picnic in the park.  Bright red fruits – strawberry, raspberry, a hint of cherry – with a broad, creamy mouthfeel.  Based on our initial pre-release of this wine en magnum, we foresee these bottles literally sprinting out of our doors and into your wine fridge.  266 cases produced.  Wine club only.  This wine will not last through the summer.


Sunset Hills Vineyard 2013 Sunset Red – Each year we reevaluate our blending approach with the Sunset Red, and as such I’ve noticed that while, on paper, the blends continue to get stranger, the wines themselves continue to get better.   This year we chose a Syrah/Cab Sauv base for the blend, leaning on the nice delicate fruitiness of Berry Hill Syrah and the darker complexity of our Cab Sauv.  This is beefed up with a touch of Tannat and a touch of Petit Verdot.  To that we added Chambourcin, which not only rounds out the mid-palate but adds a nice spiciness to the back end.  All in all this is an easier-drinking Sunset Red built to complement most dinner tables.  It is our first red release of the 2013 season.

The details: all blocks were picked, fermented, and aged separately.  All in oak for 9 months, with about 10% new, and this a blend of French and American.  Just released.  634 cases produced.

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