Fruit Set Begins

June 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

June 17th, 2013

Flowering began about 15 days ago, and we are beginning to see signs of fruit set.  Fruit set describes the period after flowering when a fertilized flower begins to develop a seed, and, more importantly for us, a grape to protect the seed.  We had a few storms and strong winds during the flowering stage, but we also had some sunny, breezy days, which are ideal for successful flowering, so we’re seeing a few issues within flowering – clusters with less than ideal “set” grapes – but overall things are looking great.

fruit set

Successful fruit set in Chardonnay – those are tiny, tiny grapes, and will expand over the next two months.

This period is crucial for cluster size and overall yield.  Not every flower fertilizes – actually, averages seem to be around 30% in most vineyards, although this number can vary considerably.  Cluster size and cluster density are determined by the percentage of fertilized flowers, as well as variety and clone.


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