Taraxacum Season

April 25, 2013 § 1 Comment

Taraxacum Season

This has been a particularly dense season for dandelions all through the Estate Vineyards as well as across the property, and just driving through Loudoun County over the past few days I’ve seen more dandelions, I think, than any past Spring. I could be wrong of course. Maybe I just always forget how many we have.

In most residential or “landscaped” areas, these guys are considered noxious weeds, or pests, but there are a lot of benefits to dandelions: they’re great companion plants, bring nutrients to the soil, fix nitrogen, and act as bird food, which is not to mention all the culinary uses that are pretty much forgotten today (not to mention, especially, dandelion wine (which I’ve actually never had)).

The most interesting thing about dandelions, though, are the nicknames, like: blowball, cankerwort, doon-head-clock, witch’s gowan, milk witch, lion’s-tooth, yellow-gowan, Irish daisy, monks-head, priest’s-crown, puff-ball, faceclock, pee-a-bed, wet-a-bed, swine’s snout, white endive, and wild endive. I could go on.

§ One Response to Taraxacum Season

  • Mike Canney says:

    They are pretty weeds, knowing they also have an agricultural benefit helps.

    I’m always surprised how fast they appear each Spring, then they disappear until next year.

    I’ve never had dandelion wine either, road trip?!

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