What Have You Been Drinking?

April 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

"Wine with a musk-like taste"

I had two cool wines in the past few nights. First, the Roots 2008 Melon de Bourgogne. I have a soft spot for a lot of Oregon Pinot Gris wines, especially from Yamhill-Carlton or Dundee, where I used to work, but I had never heard of Melon de Bourgogne when I bought this.  As I learned, it is the grape used to make Muscadet, which is a wonderful white wine from the Loire. (I had always assumed Muscadet was a grape. It is not. It is a description of white wines made from Melon de Bourgogne. Confused? Don’t worry, I don’t think there’s much of it outside the Loire.) I’m pretty sure the name is meant to be translated to: “wine with a musk-like taste.”  What could be bad about that?  I loved it.  It had a little bit of a Scheurebe-ish quality. 

Lets pretend the "2008" is a "2009"

Also I had the North Gate 2009 Petit Verdot.  These guys are kind of my neighbors, and I have always really enjoyed their red wines (which are conveniently sold at my farmer’s market).  For their 2009 Petit Verdot they got all crazy and cofermented Viognier with Petit Verdot.  It shows in the wine.  There are a number of diametrically opposing flavors bouncing around here – lots of light floral goodies hanging around with a deep, brambly quality.  I sat at my kitchen table for about twenty minutes just smelling this, trying to figure it out, trying to figure out whether I was in favor of the cofermentation or not.  I couldn’t make up my mind.  This wine has a lot of neat things going on.  It’s very  interesting.  I will come back to it in a few weeks to taste it and think about it again.

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