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I’ve been on a wine book kick recently.  I tend to find most wine writing pretty mundane and uninteresting – or worse, uninformed.  Much of the world of wine writing or wine media is, in my opinion, responsible for perpetuating misconceptions about wine, wine making, and wine drinking, and for intimidating consumers.  So I tend to steer clear of it.  Except this January.  here are two books that I loved:

I loved Reading Between The Wines by Terry Theise, a longtime German, Austrian, and Champagne wine importer who “fought” for less popular, more obscure wineries and wine types.  Short of giving you a proper book “review”, I will say that Reading Between The Wines is more or less his manifesto on why he’s devoted much of his life to wine – why he enjoys it, loves it, why it has brought him to tears and enraged him.  Importantly, his opinions in this book are unique and sincere, which means a lot to me.

I also loved Been Doon So Long by Randall Grahm.  I remember telling a good friend of mine (who is also a winemaker) that, “this book was written for such an esoteric population of the wine world.  There are maybe ten people in the world who will love this book.  And we are two of them.”  This book is many things – literature spoofs, poems, a retelling of Inferno, and essays on wine and wine making.  It is also very, very funny, and very, very good. 


Starbucks or Peets?

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Check out

Here you’ll fine the TasteSQ quiz, which will ask you a few questions about foods you like and then tell you what kind of wines your palate is most likely to find pleasing.

I generally don’t agree with these types of algorithmic wine quizzes, but they’re at least interesting.

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